Wait! Before You Buy: Discover PEKOE's Difference

In our journey to redefine the tea experience, we've gone for the unexpected. Why? Because for us, it's all about making a real, positive difference in the world, one cup of tea at a time.

'This page' is your backstage pass to the essence of PEKOE—more than a tea, a commitment to ethical sourcing, regenerative farming, and a bold departure from the ordinary.

Join us as we unveil the secrets behind our unorthodox choices, from leaving tags blank to empowering you to build the box yourself. This is where your tea experience begins, unboxed and unfiltered.

Why We're Not the Cheapest:

At PEKOE, we're on a mission to do more than just sell tea; we're changing the world, one cup at a time. Our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures fair wages for our Malawian tea farmers, and we're investing in regenerative farming for a sustainable future. Plus, we're not just talking about caring for the planet; we're doing it. From biodegradable to fully compostable packaging, every choice we make has a purpose and a cost. So, yes, we might not be the cheapest, but every sip supports a world of kindness and sustainability.


Blank Tea Bag Tags:

Ever wondered why our tea bags have blank tags? We find it unnecessary to spend extra on branding the tag when you already know it's PEKOE inside the branded package #Unnecessary. And, let's be honest, ink in your tea? Not our cup of tea! We're all about transparency – in our spending and in your tea.

Build Your Package Adventure:

Unleash your inner architect! We've got a quirky solution to keep our shipping costs at a cool $2 across Canada. Your PEKOE package arrives flat, and you get to build the box yourself – an interactive experience that reduces shipping expenses and brings joy to your doorstep. Stay tuned for our "Build the Box" competition – who knew saving on shipping could be this fun?   

How to Build Your PEKOE Box [ Step By Step Guide - Watch Now! ]

At PEKOE, we're not just selling tea; we're creating a movement, and we want you to know every delightful detail. Because when you choose PEKOE, you're not just sipping tea; you're sipping on sustainability, kindness, and a bit of playful packaging fun. Join us on this journey of making a difference, one cup and one unconventional choice at a time!