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Exceptional Ethical, Sustainable, Single Origin Teas! Elevate your tea experience with premium tea sourced responsibly from our partner farms. Sip with purpose.

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When you choose PEKOE, you're not just sipping tea; you're sipping on sustainability, kindness, and a bit of playful packaging fun. Join us on this journey of making a difference, one cup and one unconventional choice at a time!

Sip Differently

At PEKOE, we infuse the love of tea with the power of kindness to create ripples of positive change for both people and the planet.

What makes the tea so special?

Our Pekoe 183 is a single origin black tea straight from the rich soil of Africa directly to your cup. Free Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified, this tea is a definite gem.

When we grade a tea like this: TSFBOP1 that stands for Tippy, Special, Flowery, Broken, Orange, Pekoe, 1 (a way to grade a very spectacular tea during tastings.) This means it only takes a short 3 minute steep to extract the soft, smooth texture and delicate aroma of olives and fresh, earthy floor.

I've Got to Try it!

We are Tea-Drinking, Kindness- Spreading, World Changers!

Our name stands for "People Expressing Kindness Over Everything," and that's exactly what we're all about. Our goal is to spread kindness and positivity with every sip of our high-quality, single-origin tea, sourced directly from the farm to your cup.

Drink tea and be kind.

Have you witnessed or demonstrated an act of kindness that you'd like to share with our community? Send us a quick note, we'd love to hear it and spread it throughout our tribe. This is how we amplify the good that is happening in the world.

Smooth. Elegant. Orange Pekoe 183

Tea Master's Notes: Pekoe 183 is an extraordinary breakfast black tea that excites the palate. Rich taste of red African soil after a fresh rainfall. Full bodied, thick liquor, sweetly rounded with mystique olive notes. Brilliant on its own or with a splash of milk. I named this tea Pekoe 183 to highlight it's effortless magnificance. 1 teaspoon of the leaves, in an 8 ounce cup, for 3 minutes will give you perfection. Hence the 183.