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PEKOE | Individually Packed Biodegradable Tea Envelopes

PEKOE | Individually Packed Biodegradable Tea Envelopes

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Individual Teabags (Pack Size)
Experience the convenience and elegance of PEKOE's individually packed biodegradable tea envelopes. Made from our premium single-origin orange pekoe black tea, these tea envelopes offer tea lovers a convenient and affordable way to enjoy our exquisite blends.

With our 7-pack option, you'll receive seven carefully crafted tea envelopes which are perfect for sampling our tea or for those who prefer smaller quantities.

For those who want to stock up, our 14-pack option provides even more value. Get 14 individually packed tea envelopes which serve as the ideal choice for avid tea drinkers or for sharing with friends and family.

Each tea envelope contains our Rainforest Alliance Certified tea, sourced from the rich soils of Africa. With its full-bodied flavour and elegant notes, PEKOE's orange pekoe black tea is sure to elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Try our individually packed biodegradable tea envelopes today and discover why PEKOE is perfection in every sip.
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